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Immunotherapy: Keytruda (pembrolizumab)

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Colleen – so good to hear from you and thank you for checking in with me. First, I hope you're doing well. The past year has been so hard for everyone. Do send me an update.
My husband is on a 'cancer holiday' – kind of a misnomer isn't it? Ha ha. We have stopped treatment until his next PET scan in early March and then we'll reevaluate. The full chemo, radiation and immunotherapy treatment worked well enough to push back the spread of the cancer to his bones and center lymph node and chest, which was making it hard for him to breath. The maintenance treatment of light chemo and immunotherapy (Keytruda) did not work and the cancer spread again. The Keytruda was a bit of a gamble because they still don't really understand his cancer or the type of cancer. I suppose chemo works on most any kind of cancer – the type they used treats many cancers, so…………. The immunotherapy did however give him Atrial Fibrillation of the heart. It took 9 weeks to determine that he had the heart condition but the meds are keeping it under control. I guess that's the unfortunate trade off. My husband is a tolerant and tough guy and he bears it all well. I on the other hand have turned into a shrew, ha ha. We're going into year five of his cancer with no more answers than we had and no more hope and I'm tired of doctors (and I'm pretty sure they're tired of me). My health has been better this past year since I had the sepsis, so I'm grateful to be well enough to care for him, his Mom and my Mom. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting my honorary "Google Doctor on TV" award soon! Still trying to get the Covid Vaccine. It's a slow, frustrating roll out here in Colorado (perhaps other places too). Hopefully in the next couple of months. That will take a load off my mind. I worry every time I leave the house to run errands or go to doctor visits I'll get the stupid virus and kill everyone I know, sigh. I know there are lots of people out there who feel the same. Good news though…my daughter is engaged to a wonderful guy and provided the virus behaves, she'll get married in August……..Hugs and thanks again for keeping in touch with me. The Mayo site is still so helpful for me, as it it for so many.

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@cindylb– It is so good to hear of a respite for your husband, and that you are doing well.