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Immunotherapy: Keytruda (pembrolizumab)

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@cindylb– Cindy, hi. I haven't been feeling well so I took a bit of time to myself. I'm going to get retested tomorrow for covid. So, your husband's doctors have finally have decided on his primary cancer. I know that it's been a long road for you both. You both must be exhausted from it all.
The way that immunotherapy works are to stimulate your immune system in fighting cancer. However, sometimes your own immune system overreacts and fights too hard and causes more problems and side effects. Immunotherapy is a Godsend for many people but for others, it can be pretty rough.
Here are side effects from Keytruda:
It's a pretty long list and can be very intimidating. And doctors can be too. I would suggest having his Cardiologist contact his Immunologist. They should all be working together for your husband's well being. Do not let them work alone. Your husband needs a team. And perhaps a palliative one now.

Do you think that you can go ahead and begin this process?

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Hi Merry @merpreb Nice to hear from you. I sure hope you DON'T have Covid (like all of this wasn't hard enough, right?) Hugs to you. Hope you got some rest too. I've been so busy I haven't really updated on here. My husband has been in palliative/supportive care for about a year now and it helps a great deal. Somewhere between full chemo and maintenance chemo there was a disconnect. We have an extremely hard working, sharp oncologist who got all of it in place. We also have a wonderful palliative care doctor and weekly nurse visits. I think the breakdown was somewhere with the nurse not getting my screeching over to the doc in supportive care. We're on track now as I went back to our oncologist who got the cardiologist on board and they have confirmed he has Afib now from the treatment. The real bugger on all this………..the Keytruda wasn't actually working turns out, so the chemo and radiation worked but not the Keytruda/Immunotherapy. Very disappointing but also this 'break' to rebuild his health after chemo has turned into all cardiology all the time and now we have that on our plate as well. You know how the brochures on drugs and treatments work…..'rare' side effects, rare only if you don't get them I guess. Thank you for your support. Moral of this story is….not matter what support you have you still have to advocate all the time (I should have screeched sooner and louder), sigh. p.s. Keytruda works so well for so many, this really isn't all that rare but shouldn't discourage others from trying this treatment. It gives many, many patients more quality time.