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Immunotherapy: Keytruda (pembrolizumab)

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I’m one month behind your wife and was on same chemo and immune treatment. The last three treatments (21 days per treatment) I’ve had the same digestive problems. I’m also on OxyContin 24-7 so I’ve been watching to make sure things keep moving. Must say I have cramps bad one day and within 5-7 hours I have blow outs than ok. Go back 27Th of January for blood work and Scan to see what’s happening.right lung tumor 4 stage cancer, nodules in kidney, stomach and cells in left lung. Was interesting to her my problems are not unusal. Thank you!🙏🏻

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Hi @richcolleen,

Thanks so much for responding! 🙏 It’s helpful to learn other people are experiencing similar symptoms and reactions during treatment. Although we’re each an experiment of one, we’re also not alone.

As I mentioned, a 24-hour clear broth/sugarless jello fast seemed to help her system press reset when the pain was getting bad. That was on our own initiative, not our doctor’s, so I’d say anyone who thinks they might like to experiment with such a diet to relieve a “stuck/overheated” digestive system do so with caution.

Since her newly swollen lymph nodes are in her abdominal area and her digestive issues seem to have resolved themselves for now, we’re wondering if it’s possible that the swollen nodes + her stomach issues weren’t a reaction to the immunotherapy that built up over time. A PET scan report as recent as October made no mention of increased lymph node activity and even showed lessening of activity.

Her Dr said there’s a lot about immunotherapy reactions we just don’t know with any real certainty yet. We’ll hopefully know more in late Jan/early Feb, but in the meantime I’ll keep looking for anecdotal info on real-life experiences with swollen lymph nodes related directly to reactions to immunotherapy. I do know it’s listed as a possible side effect with Keytruda.

Wishing you the best in 2020!