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I think I've figured out some of the problem on why I have so much pain after a little bit of weight bearing in the boot. The weight of the Aircast cam boot is resting on my injury and hanging on my foot with every step. I have my surgery incisions on both sides of the ankle, and the tibia on the front of the ankle was in pieces, more than I had realized. The boot has 3 points where velcro straps secure it; on the top of the foot, just above the ankle, and at the top of the boot. The weight of the boot is resting on my ankle because that is where the ankle flares out and the angle changes from my leg. It has an air pump that snugs it up by putting some air at the back behind the ankle, and the air puts pressure there and pushes the ankle forward against the boot where it is very sensitive to touch especially where the plates are. I feel best with no boot and my foot elevated on the couch. I tested to see if I had the same pain after standing up without the boot using just my orthotics for support, and that wasn't bad. I had some discomfort, but not the same degree of pain. I also have a sprain that has been healing along with the fracture, and moving does make the ligaments hurt, so that has been part of the pain too. I did also try on my athletic shoe with the orthotics and got my foot into it. It is still a bit tight, but I was able to stand and transfer weight from foot to foot and not cause a lot of pain doing that. The shoe doesn't contact most of the sensitive places. It is still too tight to wear. I'll discuss the boot with my doctor.

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Jennifer, when can you stop wearing the boot altogether?

@jenniferhunter I've been following post and sounds like your healing I have a suggestion if you go back to boot put a soft cloth on both sides of your ankle that may help ,

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