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That must be so awful that you have pain everyday three months after you had the hardware removed.

I wanted to tag fellow Connect members @tc125, @bernese53, and @mareanne as well as @pthielen5923 as they have experience with tibial fractures and may be able to offer you support.

Back to you @suemofl does your doctor say the fracture has healed completely?

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My son is now 28 years old. He had a really bad ankle, tibia and fibula fracture end of January. Surgeon put a plate and screws in ankle, tibia, fibula. PT was interrupted a bit due to covid. The added stress wasn't/isn't great either. Insurance capped at 20 PT visits, he has got some more now through a local hospital, he does not walk as before, pain starts after standing for a while or walking approximately 2-3 blocks. I am not sure what follow up has the surgeon suggested or any follow up images he has taken.
Does anyone know the optimum modalities, therapies, approaches, dos and don't so the bones heal well for continued good health, mobility, strength, movement etc?
Would greatly appreciate if anyone knows of effective, quality PEMF devices, read about those on another mayoclinic link. Thank you. Await your reply.

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