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I had repair for a displaced tibial plateau fracture in Aug 2018….6 months ago. the repair was done quickly (2 days later) because it happened on my knee with a 9-mo old medial knee replacement. I did my time of non-weight bearing (90 days) and am still enduring physical therapy….tough to re-awaken those muscles after they begin to atrophy. My question, however, is about the leg shape. My leg, at the knee, is approx. 5 degrees off from straight outward from my body. In other words, when my knees meet, my feet do not. When I put my feet together in a standing position, one knee MUST be in front of the other. It is throwing off the rest of my body, since I'm out of alignment. Most of us can handle a little of this, but I have arthritis over all of my body (osteo) and I have been able to continue to more regularly, but this is causing major issues with my feet, my hips, my lower back. Really irritating! My main question is this: is this normal? Is this something I just have to live with? Do others have this same issue?

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Hello @pthielen5923. I combined your discussion on tibial fractures with another discussion on the same topic. I @tc125, @bernese53, and @mareanne will rejoin the discussion to share their experience with tibial fractures with you. I can personally relate to your frustrations with gait and shape change, although mine is from a different cause. I have also had my knee replaced on my right side, and recently have had my left ankle fused, which really changed the way I walk. Since my ankle joint does not hinge anymore, I have noticed the knee on that side occasionally gets hyperextended and sore, as well as my hips at times because of the change, so i can relate on the gait changing affecting other body parts.

@pthielen5923, if you don't mind me asking, what has your medical provider or surgeon said about your alignment and movement?

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