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My son broke his tibia and fibiula and screws in ankle to for fracture and his other foot fracture in his heal so he was in to long casts for months and two surgerys on his right leg first one was to place rods and scews on the out side but that did not work so they did a second surgery put screws in his ankle and plates in his tibia and fibula he is in constant pain and walks cruked and not right he fell off the roof hes only 25 yrs old and he can not stand to long do to the pressure and pain some times after going to a event he can not walk the next day i'm getting him another oppion he has been therapy and says its from otheritus and he will like this for life… this makes me sad … i want him to have a full fill life and hes limited to this pain… i can not drive do to he can not move his foot to well. Yes i have ask them if he can have all the hard ware out but they said he will still have problems…

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Hello @mareanne. Has there been any progress in your son's ankle/leg? If you don't mind me asking, how long ago did he fall? Sometimes ankle issues take a really long time to heal and to find your ankles "new normal." While I did not break my ankle, I have had my ankle fused because of severe end-stage arthritis that started when I was 10-years-old. The recovery was brutal: it was painful, long, and hard. However, I am now fully recovered and pain free, however, my mobility is severely limited so I cannot run anymore. But, I have spent my entire life adapting to joint issues and have found ways to stay active. There are always ways to adapt, which is hard to see when you are in the thick of the pain and recovery.

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