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Lighten Your Limbs With Friends

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@retiredteacher I am pretty much at a different place since I have been doing quite a bit for a long time, but I am enjoying reading the updates, they help to keep me inspired. I can get moving to 9:00 A.M. water classes without too much problem, and once I am there I exercise for additional time in the water, but getting to the gym is really difficult for me. I do not enjoy it and have to force myself. I plan to get there this afternoon but have been busy doing other things.
I hope everyone keeps up the good work. It really is important as you get older. My sister and I often comment on our parents. They both passed away in their 60s. If they had exercised more who knows how much longer they might have lived. Neither of them was overweight.

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I know what you mean by going to the gym by force. I have never belonged to a gym, but I know it isn't for me, even if we had one. When I was younger, I was an exercise fanatic, and we had aerobic dance classes—those were my favorite. I really got a workout and then I also walked and all of my homes had pools, so swimming was a regular activity too. That along with teaching and all the things we do when we're young kept me in shape. Then, as I got older and we moved, and there is basically nothing close, the exercise routine went the way of the wind.
So now I am doing the Mayo Plan and after one week, I know I'll continue. I might be able to get back to aerobic dancing that I do at home alone via a DVD. As I have become retired (not by choice), I just ignored everything healthy for too long. Now, I must stop that mindset and get moving. I believe the Mayo Plan is the trick.

Do what you can and as long as we keep on keeping on, we will feel better and healthier.


I'm so glad you have an exercise routine that you like. I agree that water classes are a lot of fun. When I was working on regaining my balance after a bout with sepsis they were a life saver for me until I could back to dancing on dry land. Don't be too hard on your parents. My dad was an avid runner all of his life, but died from an aggressive form of skin cancer that was probably in part due to his running in sunny southern California. My mom hates to exercise and would rather drive the two short blocks to the store than walk, but she is going strong at 85. Sometimes it's just the luck of the genes.

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