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Lighten Your Limbs With Friends

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I also made a chart and hung it on the wall by my treadmill so I can check off the days as I complete them. I am right on track with the walking. Our local hospital has an aquatic center. In addition to walking, my wife and I have been doing three 30 minute sessions at the aquatic center each week. I often tell people that other than diabetes, pancreatic cancer and kidney failure, I am in perfect health!

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You are doing great! Adding the swimming is a terrific way to use more muscles and gain stamina. I love having different options, so that you can vary your exercises and keep from getting bored. I only have the walking because I don't live close to a gym or Y. I will just keep walking. I hope everyone else was able to Lighten their Limbs.
I feel that I'm moving better just after this Week One. I'm ready for Week Two.
I love to check off on my chart. Don't forget to check with a flourish!
Keeping on Keeping on.

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