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Lighten Your Limbs With Friends

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I really need this…. been type 2 (uncontrolled) for over 8 years. I do have a few challenges… stage 3 COPD with emphysema , heart disease,kidney disease, (stage 3) UC, and a few others. I have 13 year old son I'd like to see graduate. Hopefully in a group I might be able to lose a few pounds to move easier, breath easier , and become more mobile step by step. I'm on O2 almost 24/7 but I do get out I might not be able to start at 5 minutes but go till I can't and then add your percentage increase on to by times. Looking forward to trip…

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Have you been able to do any walking yet? I know you have challenges, but I wondered if you could do any of the 5-5-5. Those numbers are not written in stone. You can adjust it to 2-2-2, and get a start. I have just been thinking about you and hope you could do a little walk to lighten your limbs. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. Can I help you adjust the times or whatever you need to give you a goal to attempt some walking?

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