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Lighten Your Limbs With Friends

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@hopeful33250, I am so glad you are coming with us too. The more the merrier, as they say. I really had to do this and knew I would not do it alone, so I am happy that so far there are four who have said they need this. You are used to exercising so it may be too easy, but by following the program, it will be interesting to see what you think about it and what it does for you. It will give you some comparison. That's a good thing. They say it takes two weeks to develop a habit, so after the second week, we should be committed; I hope.
On Friday, we'll be walking and on January 25th, we'll have Lighter Limbs!
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Thanks for welcoming me to the group, @retiredteacher.

While I am used to some exercising it has not been on a daily basis, so I am looking forward to starting this routine. I consider myself somewhat of a "lazy pre-diabetic" because my weight is well within the normal limits and so I don't think as critically as I should about exercise so this will be as new for me as to anyone else. I think everyone's encouragement will be great.

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