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Lighten Your Limbs With Friends

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Welcome marieb to Lighter Limbs. I will try to find the newsletter that had that info. in it. When I was diagnosed, I knew nothing about Diabetes 2 so I searched everything I could find and bought the Mayo Clinic books. Somewhere along the way I must have signed up for the newsletter because I get it every day in my inbox. Honestly, I don't recall what I did to get it. I'll look. What I wrote is mostly what was in it. Mayo never gives long articles, so this was a short one to encourage exercise for the 12 weeks, starting with just 15 minutes and at the 12th week it will be 40 minutes. It's a gradual increase so that non-exercisers like me can get used to the routine and add a little at a time. This Friday, I can devote 15 minutes of warm up (a slow walk), 5 minutes of brisk walk (not sure how fast I can go for brisk), and then cool down (a slow walk again. I look forward to it, and that's strange for me to say since I'm not an exercise fan.

Thanks for coming along with me. I know we can do this and on January 25th, won't we be proud?

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Thank you so much for being so welcoming and encouraging. I was able to use the link provided by Carol (I think — I'm new to this and am not positive if the link was provided by Carol, Volunteer Mentor or Susu2). I now have the article prnted so I can easily follow along. I am really excited to try this program. It sounds like something I can do and the accountability will be wonderful. Prior to retiring I attended a pilates class twice a week — because I was committed to meet with the instructor — I know that commitment and accountability are necessary for me to succeed.

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