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Lighten Your Limbs With Friends

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Sounds good. I am in the same boat and really need to organize before the holiday temptations. I don’t get the Mayo newsletter-is that the only place the 12 week program is Outlined?

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@susu2 Great! I'm so glad that you'll join me. I need to have people in this with me. I will try to find the newsletter. When I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2, I was clueless, so I searched everything I could find. I probably signed up for the newsletter, but honestly, I don't remember. It comes to my inbox and has good suggestions, encouragement, and information on all sorts of things. It's not long, but it's very useful. Let me look through my files and see if I can locate where I got the info. It may be tomorrow before I get back to you on this.
Much of what I said is what Mayo gave. They didn't want to make it impossible, so it's the 12 weeks, and they add minutes each week. The 12th week is a time total of 40 minutes. They do suggest doing 5 days a week. So, it never goes on for hours and months and months. I like that—-to know when I start and when I stop, since I'm not an exercise fan.
Glad we can do this together and with anyone else who comes on board.
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@susu2, @marieb
Here is the link to the page and you can see other Mayo aids that you might be interested in.
Looks as if there are three of us so far. Hope more join us on our healthy Lighter Limbs road.

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@susu2. That's the only place I've seen it, but I get most of what I need from Mayo, so when this was in the newsletter, I didn't look for anything else. I'm sure there are other similar programs. Did you get the link I sent? That is what was on the page. The email Mayo Newsletter is short and has three, maybe four topics that are suggested in brief. I assume they do this so that the inbox isn't overrun.
Do you need more information?

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