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Epigastric/ abdominal pain

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Thank you ckeys for your reply. I have seen many docs and we thought the gastroenterologist had diagnosed chronic pancreatitis but saw gp following this who said that a reason still hadn’t been found for the pain. Cancer has been ruled out though but I am at the stage where I need a wheelchair to go out. I’m on many painkillers which don’t have any effect and I’m just wondering now if it’s worth taking them. I’m also on antacids which were recently increased with no effect. I cry myself to sleep some nights thinking death must be better than this but I am not suicidal. I think I was just clutching at straws when I thought of the tens machine but I had an idea that it wasn’t for that type of pain. I will continue to keep up with this site as I do realise that there are some poor souls worse off than me and sometimes things can be mentioned that are helpful or comforting,

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@carolel besides the Gastroenterologist have you seen a Internal medicne Dr? It might be worthwhile to see one There are so many things it could be .

@carolel I was recently diagnosed with something called (ACNES) Abdominal cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome it is a condition that causes chronic pain of the abdominal wall. It occurs when terminal branches of the lower thoracic intercostal nerves (7-12) are ‘entrapped’ in abdominal muscles, causing a severe localized neuropathic pain that is usually experienced at ventral portions of the abdomen.
I tend to guillotine stomach ache of Domino pain to the point that I would have pain when food would be processing through my intestines and stuff. It actually kept me from wanting to eat.