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Anyone tried Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain?

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Fred, I've just joined this group so that's why my comment is so long in the coming. I had the Spinal Cord Neuromodulator put in between my T8-T9 Spine for several reasons. My neuropathy in my legs and feet was intolerable, and I have a bulging L5 laying on my L1-L4, of which wasn't allowing me to walk much without serious pain and difficulty. Since I needed relief from the L5 down to my toes, they had to shave bone from between the T8-T9 in order to fit in the full paddle and not just wires. This was done in October '16 and I cannot begin to tell you how much relief I get from this implant. Basically, it gave me my life back, I was able to ween off of all my pain medications and even the Gabbapentin (nerve ending medications). I'm living once again and am about to return to work since 2002.

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Wow! Good for you. Approximately how old are you? I ask because I have not been able to get treatment in Atlanta. I'm 72. Just wonder if they limit the good interventions to younger people now. Lastly, where did you find these amazing doctors?

I am going to try this in April thank you for sharing. I too have neuropathy so bad I can’t enjoy life and hopefully this will give me some relief. I just want to go for long walks without so much pain.

Greetings. I am not sure if you are still active on this forum as your post is quite old. I hope and pray that your implant continues to provide relief to you. Although the doctors have labelled my small fiber neuropathy as "ideopethic" I am quite positive that spinal stenosis with bulging disk at lumbar may have also contributed to the severity of my condition. I am living in Pakistan and am interested to try the implant. I will be most grateful if you could provide the full details of the Spinal Cord Neuromodulator and the company and the doctor who put your implant. This will greatly help me contact the right people. Wish you and others suffering from this debilitating disease a permanent relief.

Hi,laylabug, what sps (spinal cord stimulator) did you use? i.e. Nevro, Abbott, Boston Scirntific. Thanks, Marty