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Anyone tried Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain?

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Thanks so much for posting this. My pain management doctor has recommended this and I’m trying to get as much information as possible about this before my next appointment. This was very helpful.

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I tried the temp stimulator to see if it would work for me. the doctor had a hard time to get the leads in on the right side due to multiple bone spurs. Doc was able to get the lead on the left side for me to try. Got to admit that for two days I wanted the lead out of my back, First off I was tired from all the pain I endured with the dr trying to get the lead on the right side. Sure they kept giving me pain meds, but still took a lot out of me. But I also do admit it was helping my pain at least on the left side. But wanted both sides to try out since my right side was the worse of the two. But after having my hissy-fit and keeping the lead in for at least five days, it was helping the pain. I slept better, because at night since I am a side sleeper I would lay on one side and during the night pain would shoot down my left leg and then I would have to to toss and turn all night long, as both sides act up. When walking, the right side would act up after walking 5 minutes and then when I limp and baby the right side, then the left side would start to act up. Such a pain to live like this. I am scheduled end of September to see a neurosurgeon because my pain doctor suggested that I get the paddle shape stimulator that is sutured to my spine, as the leads they had a hard time getting in due to all the bone spurs. As much as I am not looking forward to the surgery and having to wear a back brace for 4-6 weeks, and not being able to lift, twist, bend and with winter coming I will not be able to shovel (which that is a plus), but while I am sort of laid up, at least I will be pain free or at least a good percentage of pain be gone. but I know it did work and I am looking forward to it really working so I can get my life back. So at least give the trial a try, because it could change your life for the better. With my issues, they tried all types of things and everything failed. The doctor was worried because I have to live on blood thinners for the rest of my life due to a PE back in 2014. So there was a risk to even try the trial and be off my blood thinners for 5-7 days. But I only had the stimulator on for 5 days and got good results to where they could take the stimulator out and get back on my blood thinners sooner. So all worked out good and now just waiting to get the implant. I have already started feeling hope for a better life to come once that stimulator is implanted. For many years dealing with the pain, I have lost hope and have felt like why live like this, but I keep forging forward hoping for a miracle. and I think I have finally been given that hope for a better life. So if your doctor suggests it, give it a try. and don't be like me and have a hissy-fit, because I was just feeling irritable and I wanted a miracle to happen. And I am not one that likes certain changes in life. But once that stimulator is in me, I will have a new lease on life. Give it a try!!! You owe it to yourself to get that better life you deserve. Good luck!