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Anyone tried Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain?

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Tank you for the information regarding the Spinal Card Stimulation. My only question has to do with the numbness pain, tingling and pins and needles pain sensation in both legs, feet fro the waist on down. Does this stimulation help with those pains?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

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@goetf4997 Sorry that I don't have an answer for you Fred, but I suggest that you contact Vladimir N. Kramskiy, MD
Assistant Attending Neurologist, Hospital for Special Surgery who authored the article. The Hospital for Special Surgery is in New York City, and interestingly, is the only hospital that outranks Mayo in Orthopedics.

Fred a great story was recently posted on Mayo Clinic Sharing about a patient that had success with a Spinal Cord Stimulator implant. This may help with your discussion with your provider of choice.

They can set the remote to work on just legs or legs and back.

Fred, I've just joined this group so that's why my comment is so long in the coming. I had the Spinal Cord Neuromodulator put in between my T8-T9 Spine for several reasons. My neuropathy in my legs and feet was intolerable, and I have a bulging L5 laying on my L1-L4, of which wasn't allowing me to walk much without serious pain and difficulty. Since I needed relief from the L5 down to my toes, they had to shave bone from between the T8-T9 in order to fit in the full paddle and not just wires. This was done in October '16 and I cannot begin to tell you how much relief I get from this implant. Basically, it gave me my life back, I was able to ween off of all my pain medications and even the Gabbapentin (nerve ending medications). I'm living once again and am about to return to work since 2002.

I had the stimulator and I did find relief. There are a few types they offer meaning the kind of stimulation that feels good. I chose a constant vibration. After the implant patient is assigned to a Rep. from the Company, they will offer you different setting.

Fred, I tried the Boston Scientific trial version and it did help —completely helped me with my foot nerve pain.

I had lower back pain and tingling in feet. My doc said it would be a home run for the feet and might help the back. It was the reverse. HR for the back and did nothing for the feet. They (Nevro) have tried a few programs for my feet but they were all unsuccessful. Recently I've seen a Nevro FB ad that says they can help neuropathy of the lower extremities. I'll be looking into it. It only takes a few minutes for the rep to strip out 1 of the 3 programs I have in my SCS.

I have chronic pain from the waist down. I did have a St Jude stimulater. It worked great for a little while. My Stims started going out one at a time until all gone. I had it removed. I’m sure they have developed better ones now.

It did not help me for legs and feet. It help my lumbar area a lot. Best of luck to you.