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Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

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I can totally relate. I got started getting sick about three years ago. I got worse over time. I kept telling doctors I think it is related to my gastric bypass done four plus years ago. They said it is not probable. I saw all types of specialists. In February I tried a pill cam because I swore I had crohns. Covid hit and it was so difficult to get anything done. In may i was going to have laparoscopic surgery but it got converted to open surgery (no visitors). Got out felt ok for a bit. And the gi symptoms started up again. I kid you not that when it was bad I would burp 1000+ in an hour ( there’s an app for that). They threw every antibiotic under the sun at me. Some worked short term. But got worse. Went in for a balloon dilation two times after the first surgery. The second baloon dilation in August doc had to stop that procedure and admit me for another emergency surgery. Surgeon said it was the second most complicated surgery of his career. While healing from that, symptoms got worse. Finally received the results from the sibo breath test done in March that resulted in both hydrogen and methane gas. It got missed originally because gi doc thought it was just a blockage. Since January 2021 I started rifaximin and I’ve stayed on it since. Obtained about 60% improvement. Recently added another antibiotic with the rifaximin. I’m now at about 70 to 80%. But I’m scared too. I still have what I call episodes where I’ll get crazy tremors inside and out, brain fog … it is even difficult to form sentences when that happens. A couple positives is that my stools are starting to be a little more regular and I’ve stopped fainting and falling. I still wake up about every three to four hours at night. I work from my bed on my laptop most days. I have to get iron infusions every month. I don’t drive hardly at all. I just want this to be over. The one thing I have learned is that you HAVE to be your own advocate and push when necessary. I started off thinking it was in my own head and minimizing my symptoms until they took over my life and I did that initially because the first couple doctors weren’t taking me seriously because of clear test results. I fired them and found a good gi doc and the best surgeon and am thankful to them for giving me a sliver of my life back. Sorry for the book. I just want to encourage you and anyone else that reads this to not give up.

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Who and where is your doctor? I am getting nowhere with my SIBO and symptoms are horrendous. I had RNY and baby stomach surgeries too, including hiatal hernia. I need help. Am in phoenix.

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