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Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

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I cried a lot in the hospital after the 3rd surgery could not get to the obstruction. The surgeon said the adhesions were so bad it looked like glue had been poured over my intestines. I went home after 17 days in the hospital and on TPN and clear liquids. After about 2 weeks, things started clearing. I had been doing gentle abdominal massage and I really believe it helped. I am still on a low residue diet, but have colonoscopy scheduled 11/16 to look at where they reattached my colon together. The next step will be to look at small bowel and then introduce some fiber back into my diet. I know exactly what you mean about being afraid to eat. It is not a fun thing to go through! I hope your doctor is able to help you and really listens to you. I have been dealing with IBS for many years so when I started having issues last December, I just thought it was that acting up. Ended up with emergency surgery in Jan with my sigmoid colon removed and a temporary colostomy. Had that for 6 months. Had the reversal surgery, then the adhesions caused obstruction in small bowel. I hope I never have to have another abdominal surgery because I am scared to death of more adhesions.

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So sorry you have been through all this. Mine does not even come close to your pain and suffering. Any idea of what caused your adhesions in the first place?

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