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Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

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Thanks for your reply. I haven't heard about activated charcoal capsules – where do you get those? It seems to be very hard to get rid of.

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I decided to join this discussion as it appears that I am now in what I call the SIBO limbo or no man’s land. From reading these posts it seems like my struggle has just begun. My symptoms began in mid July and it is believed that two consecutive rounds of antibiotics to treat two different conditions triggered it. I cracked a crown in late May and ended up with an extraction and implant. I took an antibiotic then but can’t remember what it was. Then I went for my annual physical in late June and was prescribed Clindimycin for a UTI. Symptoms of diarrhea, gas and bloating started about a week after I finished the Clindimycin. Long story short, my internist thought I had contracted CDiff from the Clindimycin and put me on Flagyl for ten days and performed a stool test which came back negative. The Flagyl helped for a week but then the symptoms restarted. My internist basically dismissed me at that point and told me to find a GI doctor, which took a few weeks and lots of phone calls. The GI doctor performed some routine blood work which was normal, and sent me for a CT scan of my belly, which fortunately also came back normal. He diagnosed me with SIBO and dysbiosis based on my symptoms (no breath test) and put me on another round of Flagyl. The cost of the Xifaxan would have been nearly $1500.00 for two weeks. So I took the Flagyl again since I tolerated it the first time. It helped for about two weeks and I then gradually slid back to the loose stools and lots of gas. He also put me on a low FODMAP diet, which helps a little but does not eliminate symptoms either. I have lost 15 pounds in three months due to diarrhea and being afraid to eat anything. I had a routine colonoscopy last year which was normal and I think that is why the gastro doctor is not in a rush to do another one (plus the normal CT scan). So here I am. I am not on medication right now, not eating much, afraid to eat anything. I am not even sure I have the correct diagnosis, but too many carbs make me gassier and when I am gassier I also tend to have looser stools. I go to work but rarely socialize with friends because it all revolves around food. Thankfully I am married and my husband has been very supportive. I cry a lot and have dark moments when I think I have cancer or will never be well again. I am afraid of what the gastro doctor will say when I see him next or that he will tell me there is nothing else he can do for me like my internist who basically abandoned me. How long have other group members been coping with this and what has helped? I am now researching a diet called the specific carbohydrate diet. Anyway, feeling desperate and looking for solutions like all of you. Thank you for “listening.” I hope I can also be of support to others here.

I find activated charcoal capsules at Walmart in ther vitamin section. I take 2-4, it takes the edge off. Also rotating with PeptoBismol.

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