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@marykaym63 Yes! Congratulations! When my hair was falling out I stood on my daughter's balcony and threw the strands to the wind, hoping the birds would use it in their nests. I thought I would be disgusted or saddened by the loss, but before my chemo I chose a beautiful wig and actually enjoyed wearing it. Then, when my hair began to grow back--in Shirley Temple ringlets--I was glad to put the wig away.

I went without the wig on hot days and the breeze on my bald head felt pretty good! (When I lost enough hair I had my husband shave my head. Again, I wasn't sad. I was glad to have those strands gone.)

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I was fortunate not to have to do chemo or radiation (so far) but I did 'lose' my breasts. I had only one moment in the past three years when I mourned losing them, just one brief moment. But, I think I was really mourning having cancer ultimately. I don't miss my breasts, didn't do reconstruction and really enjoy not wearing bras. It's freeing for me. I was never a bra fan and it was the first thing I removed when I got home. Now I resemble a walking pear (ha ha).....small on top and ever widening toward the bottom of me, but I don't miss breasts and embrace the ability to run out the door in less steps (I also hated bra shopping, so that's one less thing on my list). It's odd how 'loss' is sometimes our gain in experience and not a 'loss' at all.

When my niece first shaved my hair at the beginning loss, everyone said how much my son and I looked alike (he's a bald firefighter!)...we took front views and back views and in one of the back views we wore dark glasses on the backs of our heads. I have my tears at night, but try to be positive in front of people. I'm told how brave and what a warrior I am - I just respond that I save my tears for the dark of night. I do feel, however, that this new "adventure" may be a gift as I'm finally learning I have to slow down now. Life throws many curve balls, we just have to keep moving forward.