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Ongoing Chest Pain

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Hello jdad. I guess this means you are a man… I was going to say that when I hit menopause it happened to be when bio-identical hormones became all the rage. I had to wait 8 months for an appointment to be evaluated and put on them, the interest in it was to great. (Remember Goldie Hawn?…) For women, there's nothing like bio-identical progesterone. It's made from yams. and it is actually cancer protective according to my pharmacist and two gynaecologists. Anyway, you are a man so progesterone cream at bedtime wouldn't work.
The most obvious solution is of course eliminating caffeine…even first thing in the morning. Another issue that causes sleeplessness is an overactive thyroid. Experts say to turn down the lights in the evening, darken the computer screen and make it orange (software) and avoid anything stimulating at bedtime. And then there are side effects from medications. Have you explored these avenues?

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I am a 32 year old female. I had all my hormones checked and thyroid. All good. I had chest pain for 10 hours yesterday. It was hell. Nothing helped.