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Ongoing Chest Pain

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Hi, I have been dealing with chest pain for over a month now. Slowly getting refferals. No one seems to be listening to me. I feel its because of my age 32 and Im a female. I have been in the ER 3 times in the last week and a half. Im now short of breath with anything I do. The chest pain is happening to often. I can't do my usual work day anymore without being exhausted. Im losing hope.

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Hard to believe the ER docs don't seem to be taking your symptoms more seriously. You say you're getting referrals……..are you following up on them? I would imagine you've been told to see a cardiologist and I think you should see one as soon as possible if you're having chest pains and shortness of breath. If your heart checks out OK, I'm betting he/she will refer you to a pulmonologist. Unfortunately we often have to be our own advocates when dealing with the medical world. Please don't put this off. I wish you the very best.

Hello Ashred, I think the heart monitor will reveal something; possibly atrial fibrillation. When I had it as a 46 year old (still young but not as young as you), I was very short of breath, almost fainting and had to constantly take breaths because not enough oxygen was getting to my brain…because I had Afib. But I was very aware of the Afib. My heart was thumping and skipping beats. You don't feel any of this?
The cardiologist said I was the worst case he had ever had. After almost 2 years on the highest dose of beta blockers to keep my heart regular and stop the lightheadedness, dizziness and having to take breaths etc…I cured myself by going to the gym every day but Sunday…for 4 months. Inside a few weeks I weaned myself off the beta blockers completely with the cardiologist's permission. And my heart remained steady and strong.
The cardiologist told me that I could NEVER drink coffee or tea, drink alcohol, eat chocolate or high sugar foods or take any stimulant medication for the rest of my life. I am 70 now and all has been well over the past 24 years…except just last year when I was under a lot of stress, I had 2 days of a couple of blips every hour. I got back on the treadmill and all has been fine ever since. I hope, Ashred that your situation improves and that you have the success I had.

If emergency sent you home and your doctor is telling you to hang in there until your Monday test, then try to relax knowing that after Monday you may have an answer to what is going on. (Do you think a very mild low dose tranquilizer might help just to get you through the next few days? You could ask the doctor about that. )

I know its easier said than done but try to relax try to distract yourself with simple activities that you can do and enjoy. You only have four days to go. (And emergency as unhelpful as they have been is still there should things go south between now and Monday). Anxiety, worry and panicky thoughts combined with pain is a bad cocktail. Hopefully you will soon be out of this mess. Hang in there.

ashred……when someone presents at an ER with chest pains, shortness of breath and an elevated BP, protocol would dictate that the first thing that needs doing is ruling in or out if that patient is having a heart attack. Did they at least do that while you were under the care of the ER team? What tests did they actually do to rule out a serious cardiac event in progress? That you went back two more times with the same symptoms and both of those times you were again sent home is astonishing to me. Was the echo tech not there EVERY time you went in? Were you not seen immediately by the cardiologist on call? I am obviously not a doctor, but from the information you've given us, I find the apparent lack of care you were given unacceptable. Your symptoms, along with the massive amount of anxiety you must have been feeling should have, at the very least, gotten you admitted for observation. I feel like we don't know the whole story, so we are left being the "Monday morning quarterbacks," but if I were you, I would be angry at the apparent lackadaisical approach which your problem is being handled. You stated that……"I had chest pain for 6 hours straight laying down yesterday. Its getting worse especially the shortness of breath. They have me on exercise restriction. Its just frustrating I'm in pain and cant do anything I have a 6 year old and a 60 hour a week job I cant live like this." I would strongly urge you to call your GP immediately, I don't care what time of day or night it is and inform him/her that your situation is getting worse….that you are virtually incapable of taking care of your child and NEED HELP! If THAT doesn't get your GP off their rear end and GET YOU THAT HELP……then call 911. I'm sorry if I sound like an alarmist and I don't mean to scare you, but your symptoms are serious, they are getting worse and you need medical attention now! For your doctor to tell you that you just need to hang on until the 12th is some of the worst medical advice I have ever heard. I hope when all of this has been resolved you begin putting together a new team of caregivers. I wish you the best outcome and hope you will keep us informed.

I'm sure ER protocol in every hospital is the same. If a person presents with chest pain, SOB etc..they are seen immediately. A blood test is done and it is determined whether there are signs of a heart attack.
You say you work a 60 hour week…could it be stress if cardiac issues are ruled out? Does the pain 'move'…radiate from the chest? Is it constant in intensity? What did the doctor tell you he thinks your problem is?

once the ER finds u not dying they kinda thru with u and pass u along to somebody else. Been dealing with this for years. Have chronic vertigo and dizziness that nobody can seem to find out where its coming from. Very dibiliating. Been to everybody and had every tests. Still no answers but have u noticed the word ANXIETY always finds its way into the conversation. Well of cource theres anxiety im sick and hurting and nobody can figure it out. DUH!!!!! My chests pain is generally from Costochondritis. That along with acid reflux and gallbladder disease can mimic heart attack symptoms.

@ashred The heart reacts to how well or poorly the lungs may be working, and the heart beat will increase if the lungs are not efficiently absorbing oxygen. This has happened to me because of excess phlegm that seemed to come from an infection. I went to the ER with a resting heart rate over 100 and they said it was bronchitis. A course of antibiotics fixed it and I was able to get rid of the phlegm from the infection and return to normal. I also have a physical problem in that I have thoracic outlet syndrome that makes one side of my chest too tight, so my left chest doesn't expand as much contributing to the problem. I have had ribs twist and pop out of position from TOS and work with a physical therapist who can resolve this. I have had chest pains when this happens or from extreme stress. That might be food for thought to see if allergies or a possible lung infection may be contributing to the issues of shortness of breath and affecting the heart.

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