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Ongoing Chest Pain

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I saw a cardiologist when the pain started 2 years ago & they said my heart was fine. My dr asked if i would like to be reffered back but she thinks they wont do anything as they already told me several times my heart is fine. My dr thinks it can be inflammatiom or muscle pain but I really doubt it as none of the pain meds she prescribes help with the pain. I just really wanna know whats causing my pain already i hope i find out soon thank you

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@gabbys24 In my experience, thoracic outlet syndrome can cause chest pain that can be confused with a heart issue. It's a stress related problem with tight neck and chest muscles. It's like living in a straight jacket. I have had ribs twist because of spams which are painful in the chest and sternum. I have had a neck spasm start and go into my chest which is quite painful, but after massaging it, in a few minutes, it subsides. Since you have already ruled out a heart problem, it could be a physical problem like TOS. For me that also causes one side of my chest to not expand fully. What helps for physical therapy is myofsacial release. Here are some links that you might find of interest. It is hard to find doctors who really understand TOS. Look for them at teaching medical centers like Mayo or Universities with medical schools that treat TOS.


@gabbys24 I read the post from ,@Jennifer Hunter I don't know anything about this but sounds pluasible One thing I know from my research is inflammation is at heart of alot of our problems Ice bag @Ginger_tumeric tea are anti inflamatory I'm just researching what else there is The tea is found at Trader Joe's 😁 It has a good taste We have to be our own advocate and research everything for our health I hope you keep posting as to what this is and what helped