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Ongoing Chest Pain

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Hello Loved1. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm wondering if you had a CT of the coronary arteries as part of your work up prior to your cardiac event. You mentioned an EKG, treadmill and echo which were normal but did they do a CT scan of your coronary arteries. I only ask because I just had one and they assured me that despited my cardiac symptoms my arteries were clear on this test.

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This is actually not a normal CT scan for what you have described called a CTA I would actually have to get on my paperwork for the rest of the description it is a CTA with something in the description. it looks through all of your blood vessels and more it's not an extensive test. however insurance companies are not happy to pay for it I do not know if this is for cost for other reasons. It took me about three months of pretty much daily fit not to mention that I gave them my 14 year olds name and number so they could explain to her if something happened to me and she was thrown into the foster care system due to the fact that I only have permanent guardianship of her which means she is a ward of the state , because they just didn't feel that the test should be done or that they were saving themselves a dime.

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