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Ongoing Chest Pain

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For three weeks before the cardiac arrest I had pain that felt like it was in my lungs and kind of moved around. I took Tums and then Prilosec. After 3 weeks I decided I would go to the hospital and get checked but I never made it. the only reason I waited so long that time was because every other time I went they said I was fine.
The blockage was caused by cholesterol buildup AKA heart disease.
My father had a heart attack in his late 50's from a 80% Block in an artery. He was healthy also. since my cardiac arrest my older brother has gotten checked and he had an 80% Block in one of his arteries with no symptoms.Has the doctor told you what he thinks the chest pains are from?

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Had you had cholesterol tests before the cardiac arrest? If so, were those normal? I am not in the medical field by far but I just don't understand how it all works. They say my cholesterol is normal/low but who knows if that means anything. My doctor thought the pains were from GERD, but I told her two days ago that the Omeprazole (prilosec) has not made the pains any better. She had me come in yesterday to get some blood work done but the results I have seen online are thus far normal. I am hoping she calls me soon. I was supposed to have a Tropopin test ran but I think the lab tech forgot, because it's still listed in my "to do" list on the online portal.

I feel very sorry for you Loved1. I'am still going through this today. I don't go the the hospital anymore because I'm tired of being told they can't find anything wrong. I told my cardiologist the last time I saw him that this chest pain and trouble breathing use to be frustrating. It is beyond that anymore. I have had thirty-eight heart caths. I have fifteen stents, a pacemaker and had 5 angioplasty's. I know I have unstable angina and that is a problem. But this chest pain is ridiculous to the point I' am ready to just give up.