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This is my first attempt at this so please bear with me.
This is extremely difficult to explain but basically I had an operation to remove a tumour from my oesophogus, this involved stretching my stomach up to create a new link between my throat & my stomach. Whilst the operation was initially successful after 5 day I became very ill. Following investigations it was apparent that the join had not taken & had started to die unfortunately causing most of my stomach to be burnt back & other complications to my lung due to necrotic fluid.
I had an immediate emergency operation to save me which involved tying off what was left of my stomach & inserting a jejunostomy peg feed for liquid food & drink. My remaining oesophogus was pulled out externally to a stoma to drain my nose & saliva. I ended up being in ICU for 11 days & spent 2 months in hospital. I only realised afterwards how ill I was although this was more obvious physically as I also lost 3st in weight. I released was told to get as fit as I could in readiness for another major operation, called Colonic interposition, basically involving a 14" piece of my large intestine transplanted to provide a new oesophogus.
Nine months later I was deemed fit enough to have the operation. It again went well however

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Hi @nowayback, welcome to Connect. Meet other members who have had esophageal cancer and may have experiences similar to yours. Simply click VIEW & REPLY in the email notification to read the past messages from @karly @jeffk @hopeful33250 and @sepdvm

NoWayBack, it appears your message was cut off. You were saying that you had a colonic interposition nine months ago and that at first things seemed to be going well. Has something happened? How are you doing?

Can you please share more about your experience with colonic interposition after having undergone a (gastric pull-up) esophagectomy ? Both your surgical and recovery experiences would be most helpful to get educated ahead of my husband's upcoming colonic interposition surgery for recurrent EC. Thank you so much