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Numb heels and internal vibrations

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I tried cbd oil it did not help $50 wasted I also tried medical marahuana and it gave me horrible anxiety but I did sleep 3 hours just didn't work helped pain but I need medicine I can drive on I have no one to drive me

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@cathy514 It seems like you are struggling with many issues. I am hoping that you had a pharmacological consultation before trying any cannabis product. You are right…some of it is very expensive and unless you have the right mix, e.g. 2:1 CBD to THC, you may not benefit from using it. And it also sounds like you had the wrong ratios when you experienced the anxiety and/or paranoia or you accidentally drank a glass of wine or another form of alcohol. Alcohol in any form does not mix well with cannabis. I only know because early on I made a couple of dosage mistakes that resulted in those situations. There are ways to come out of the anxiety. Now I use a 2:1 in my morning coffee and that lets me drive. The "feel good" effects last about 4 hours. The pain is not totally eradicated but it does become very manageable. And the tinnitus….wow can that be an annoying situation. So my morning routine is a quick coffee stop, add the 2:1 dosage and then go play mahjong with friends to keep the tinnitus from becoming so dominant. I have other routines for the evening based upon my planned activities. Once, I stood next to a father who was selecting tinctures for his autistic son. He was amazed at the difference it made. I try to go to the dispensary when James is there. He is close to my age and has a great deal of knowledge and even greater empathy. Many good wishes coming your way.

Have you been to a craniosacral therapist?