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Hi @mollyjbrown, I appreciate your posting about your experience living with Arimidex (anastrozole). For some people, it can certainly be a challenge to manage the side effects. You'll notice that I moved your message to this discussion where women are talking about tough choices: sticking with an aromatase inhibitor and coping with side effects or discontinuing the medication. It is a different risk calculus for everyone and each person experiences side effects differently. Thus, I'm grateful to add your story of how you manage the side effects and the choices you made.

@goldieshostak, you ask a very good question if your risk of recurrence is worth continuing with Arimidex. I encourage to read the post from Molly that was just added above this post. Ultimately the decision is yours. I recommend that you talk with your oncologist to discuss YOUR specific risk of recurrence.

I'm curious if anyone has used the CTS5 calculator (https://www.cts5-calculator.com/) with their oncologist to calculate their risk of recurrence? The tool is meant to be used with your doctor. You can read more about it here: https://www.breastcancer.org/research-news/online-tool-predicts-hr-pos-recurrence-risk

Anyone use it with their doc?

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Is the CTS5 calculator the same as the Mamma Print test/ Has anyone had the Mamma Print test? Please google if you had not heard of it. Francine

I recently read that Arimidex can also compromise your immune system. I have asthma & have in the last 5 months had 2 cases of pneumonia. Do you think the AI – had contributed to this? I was not warned of this side effect. I've been on it since Nov. 2018.

Colleen, Thanks for posting this calculator. I hope all doctors are using this and I hope women will use it as an 'add on' to the other information they receive.

Ho Colleen, I posted a Anastrozole to the breast cancer thread before I saw this can you move it to this subject? Thanks