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I decided against it. I was diagnosed earlier this year, stage one,
negative nodes. I had lumpectomy and 3 proton beam treatments. I am
currently recovering from reverse shoulder replacement, have had two knee
replacements, lots of arthritis, and fibromyalgia. I am almost 70,
currently taking tamoxifen, and fingers crossed evdrything will go well.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I also had a lumpectomy with no node involvement. A protein beam wasn’t offered. I didn’t think tamoxifen was an option for us post menopausal gals. I’ll mention that if the other AIs are a problem. Best to you!

Any side effects from Tomixifen?

mimi99 or anyone else on Tamoxifen - I am about to start Tamoxifen because the Ais caused too much joint pain. My doctor said some of her patients had leg cramps and took Magnesium. What is your experience with Tamoxifen side effects

I am experiencing extreme nausea and belching. I have been on tamoxifen for one and a half years. I was also taking Eliquis as blood clots are a side effect of tamoxifen and a blood clot did form at my port site when I had chemo. Just had an EGD that showed chronic gastritis. It has been shown that Eliquis does cause gastritis in 14% of people. Blood thinner was changed to Xarelto. Was off tamoxifen for 6 weeks during all this. I was back to feeling as good as I did before having breast and thyroid cancer! Have been back on the tamoxifen for just a week and am experiencing extreme nausea again. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Any suggestions? Is anyone taking just 10 mg of tamoxifen instead of 20 mg?