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Lung Nodule, D-Dimer elevation and ANA +VE

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@johnbishop Thanks John for your reply.
Primary care physician took 70 days and mentioned I don't have any serious issues. But I had severe ribs pain while taking breath, yawing, burping.
So I visited Pulmonologist, in 2nd visit he ordered CT which reported nodule in the left lower lobe (2.4X2.2).Radiologist mentioned possibly nodule is post infectious and follow up CT require after 6 weeks.Pulmonologist has mentioned LUPUS is at border line (not sure LUPUS is confirmed or not). I also visited rheumatologist, rheumatologist has mentioned mild LUPUS exist.

I finished LEVOFLAXACIN anti biotech on 09/27 but still ribs pain is severe and not able to sleep.Pain while breathing gone away but ribs pain is still there. Pulmonologist asked me to go for another CT after 6 weeks to make sure nodule is gone.

Also no clue on the blood clot elevation, PE not found in the lungs, probably elsewhere blood clotted.

I am reading lot of posts in google, infection can trigger +ve ANA. In my case ANA was -ve last year November, in less than a year it turned to +ve.

Other lab tests CBP, CMP, Urine analysis, AST, ALT and Creatinine are normal.

Pain started june 4th week, still struggling.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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ANA can become positive in people with infections; viral, bacterial or fungal. However, it’s interesting that you have elevated D-Dimer. In some lupus you can have a positive caridiolipid enzyme that increases your risk of clotting. I see the lab work listed above but have they run Ig antibodies panels separate from ANA as well as run dsDNA/SSM?
I have not heard of nodules in Lupus patients. Do you have any of signs or symptoms other than the positive ANA?

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