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Patellar tendon rupture flexion

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Hello @klemmerii1, welcome to Connect. Although I did not have a patellar tendon repaired, I did just undergo a torn rotator cuff repair surgery in June. Even though the joints are quite different, I believe the idea is you have to let the tendons heal and latch down on the bones completely before you start rehabbing it. I had to wait more than 6 weeks as well before I started my PT, and the initial PT was only passive movements. I am still rehabbing and PT has been slow, but steady. It wasn't until the 12 week post-op mark that I was allowed to get a bit more aggressive.

@klemmerii1, did your doctor discuss seeing a physical therapist at any point to help guide you with these questions? Typically, your surgeon will give PT protocol for what you can start doing to rehab and when you can start doing it. I am not a medical professional, but my advice would be to push for PT and to get a more concrete plan in place for your rehab. I completely understand the fear of re-tearing the repair. Every time I move my shoulder a bit more than it is ready for it sends a nice sting through my arm, but I have been reassured by the surgeon that at this point, the only way I could re-tear it would be doing something that would tear a healthy joint. Do you think you could get your doctor to recommend a physical therapist?

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Thank you for the reply. It’s now been 8wks post op. I did ask the doc about pt when at the 6 wk appt. He said they work the repair too hard. I see him again at the 9 wk point. So far no exercise or knee flexion at home protocol. Flexion still the same. Seems strange to me since the exact same injury occurred 14 yrs ago other leg. Pt started then at 6 wk mark. I remember the big thing for them was knee flexion work. Gentle at first.

I understand the rotor cuff surgery. I had that 4 yrs ago. Ouch! Tx again Justin!