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Doctors mistake watch out.

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@jenniferhunter I do the same, Jennifer, and did much research but never came across liver problems! My local doctor is highly regarded but he missed the boat on me. The doctor I started with thought I had Alzheimer's after I had one HE episode! She was history as soon as I could find a different doctor.
I was a mystery to my PCP, and my hematologist who I was seeing because my platelet count was low and continually getting lower. It was finally the neurologist I was sent to who hit on it being my liver. Interestingly, my sister mentioned my symptoms to her niece who is a nurse and her niece said it sounded like liver! My sister never wants to interfere so she never told me that until afterward.

@jenniferhunter That's really terrible about your care with the first doctor, but please be assured that not all spine doctors are that callous. My brother-in-law had spine surgery last year in Boston, done by a wonderful doctor who was caring and did a great job.

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@contentandwell I'm glad you got it figured out. I think talking to other patients who know these problems inimatly might be one of the better ways to questions what might be wrong, and of course a nurse who takes care of those particular patients would be a great resource too. We just have to keep asking questions until we get answers. All these overlapping symptoms can be very confusing. I've had some neurologists who were pretty sharp too and figured stuff out that other doctors missed.