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Doctors mistake watch out.

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Yes l had an appointment at the mayo clinic with the gastroenterologist/heptalogist we discussed all the miss consisenties on my records. I told him l have diagnoses in autoimmune encephalitis, hepatic encephalopathy, cirrhosis of the liver with ascites, cirrhosis without ascites, and hep c. I explained to him that they just put diagnoses down and don't even collaborate their findings with me or the other doctors. Instead put boldly th as t you see various doctors for the same problems and the same diagnosis. When l told him that about these issues and l had documents with me plus others on my phone he was surprised. So he started to tell me no you don't have cirrhosis and ascites. He said you do have hepatic encephalopathy but some doctors will just see some of the symptoms of a patient who has cirrhosis and just lump you as having it. Which definitely makes sense to me l was right l didn't have it. I told l had a biopsy before my procedure and my doctor said l definitely didn't have it. That was the reason they did the procedure. He said that correct but to them you may have some of the same symptoms. You know l am seeing this happening to a lot of people even more now with the new cases of illness with the babies now with polio symptoms. And how so many parents are so confused and doctors ignoring their concerns and causing children and families in crisis. And everyone labeled depression, anxiety and mentally disturbed. No it's not that it's about being told the truth. If you don't know or have compassion you are in the wrong profession. A chart is a record that follows you whether it true or false and it definitely unacceptable not be changed if there is some consistency. I asked him if this could be taken off my record he said it depends on the doctors. I just thank God that whatever on my records he has erased and it can never be put back. Just something to think about snd mediate on.

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My family member has high ammonia level 81. Been very aggressive and outbursts daily.
Was told the level of ammonia is what’s causing these episodes.
This is after hospitalization in Behavorial health center. Also been told his liver not working properly, put him on lactulose. Waiting now to see GI dr. How serious is this problem with ammonia?