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Yes, I have elevated PTH as well. Here is a link to a Mayo website about elevated PTH, please click on the link to get more information,
As a result of the PTH being elevated, I also have osteopenia. Do you have bone density problems or kidney stones as well?

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Thank you for the information. I have had osteoporsis for many years which was once controlled by medication but it caused digestive problems so don't take anything to combat it.

The latest primary care doctor (I have had four different ones in the past ten years who either dropped out of the profession or left the clinic) who is treating me is also a geriatric specialist and at the first visit with him he ordered the first test I have ever had for PTH. The followup test a couple of months later showed the elevated parathyroid hormone.

I am now taking 1 weekly 50,000 IU vitamin D2 and 1 daily 2000 IU D3 vitamin as the latest test results shows a D reading of 21.8 ng/mi.

How is your doctor treating the PTH and what is the prognosis?

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