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Hi, @numbskull – I'd like to applaud you for being proactive and looking into microvascular compression syndrome and a physician who can treat both trigeminal neuralgia and Parkinson's.

I'd like to invite @krissylamb @jenniferhunter @gregk @dolly715 @susan62 @oronogo and @hopeful33250 into this conversation to share their insights.

Have you experienced symptoms that you've read occur with microvascular compression syndrome, @numbskull?

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I had to send my Neurologist an email today telling her that my vertigo is back. She said that she told me so and is referring me to vestibular therapy! I emailed her back asking about MCA? But, seriously, over the years of seeing hundreds of doctors, I do not believe these doctors should be doctors? OMG, I just read your post of what your doctor said about, "I do not do research" It is exactly what I was thinking, (that her doctor will not spend time on research or wanting to know what's new and improved)? INSIDE LAUGHTER! . I also have to say, I thought the people replying to my posts were so HELP full? I wish I could help you with this answer. Hopefully I will not get Parkinson's. Elemental mercury toxicity by inhalation fortunately, (I guess) only mimics diseases. Therefore, instead of having masses of cancer throughout my abdominal wall, I have been diagnosed with another rare disease, Lemmel's syndrome? But no cancer. Lots of pre cancer. All symptoms of MSAc and POTS without the tremors. AND, alot of the signs of MCA on my MRIs, but I am going to stick with Trigeminal Neuralgia and POTS! Best, Krissy

@numbskull I have experienced vertigo and tingling of the trigeminal nerve in my face with cervical disc issues and cervical stenosis. Before spine surgery, I was getting muscle spasms that would move my C1 through C4 by rotating them and tilting them. I had a collapsed C5/C6 disc and bone spurs compressing my spinal cord that had 2mm of retrolisthesis (backward slipping) and also have thoracic outlet syndrome making my neck and chest tighter on one side. All of that put uneven forces on each side of my neck and spine. I would get C1 & C2 shifted a bit, and if that was the case, all I had to do to cause vertigo was to look upward by arching my neck. My C1 often would rotate to the right, and I would get misalignment of my jaw with it being tighter on the left side. My physical therapist was able to realign my spine to as normal a curvature as possible, and was treating the spasms with a Dolphin Neuro stimulator that passes an electric current at the nerve roots to block the neurotransmitters for pain. She did this a lot prior to my surgery to help prevent increasing symptoms that would be generated if my spine shifted from muscle spasms. I am 2 years post op for a cervical fusion, and I not longer get the extreme muscles spasms and have not had any episodes of vertigo since then. I still have some issues related to TOS, but am working on that and making progress again. For me it was the alignment issues between the skull and upper cervical vertebrae that contributed to dizziness, and all of it was corrected by physical therapy to correct the alignment and get back to normal movement. Because the stenosis has been corrected with surgery, the muscle spasms have been greatly reduced, and improving with physical therapy.