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Thank you for the update. Is your wife needing additional care due to speech and motor impairments? Do they forsee a full recovery? Thank you on the advice to start a journal, that is a great idea. I really hope your wife makes a full recovery, even if the road may be longer than anticipated, the reward will hopefully be worth the struggle.

I agree, the Gift of Life house is a blessing. We were here with mom's stem cell and now for CAR-T. It's comforting to have familiarity when we are far from home.

We are both very scared for tomorrow(infusion day), I have to be prepared I understand. She has had every chemotherapy regimen for DHL. So we are not starting off strong to begin with.

Thank you for being a glimpse in the future for us. I truly wish the best for you and your wife.

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This really has been a tough time for you! I'm sorry to hear about your dad, but if there's a bright spot in all of this, it goes by the term CAR-T. Not to be concerned about the infusion… it's actually interesting. Two nurses handle it…one constantly checking vitals and the other controlling the flow based on the vitals. It's really anticlimactic. They'll keep her and monitor for several hours..as I remember, 4 or so… then if no reaction, away you go back to GOL. Then in a day or two, she'll probably be hospitalized for a while. The hardest part there is the separation. My wife will need the rehab because she was in pretty poor shape when this started, and she's lost a lot of strength while hospitalized. As the doctor told me this morning, "she was in pretty tough shape when she came in — she hadn't been giving herself enough to eat." Whatever you do, remember what they told you…everyone is different and responds differently. Not to worry… it'll work out and she'll do just fine. Remember—the best in the country are taking care of her!

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