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Hi - this is Barb again with an update on my son, Greg. His shingles are gone, thanks to very heavy doses of Valacyovir which was given in the hospital by an intervenious drip. They did this for a week. That was Jan 28th. Our Dr in Winnipeg was in contact with the wonderful Dr Lin at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester during this time.
Greg has a lot of nerve pain, even now in his head. He has headache and numbness, but they saved his eye and he can open it. We are very blessed!
He also was referred to an eye specialist who helped so much. He is still on Valacyclivor by mouth.
It is a lousey disease and there is a vaccine called Shingrix that is a dead virus and is very effective.
Greg will receive it in about 5 months.
Hello to all caregivers. The CAR - T cell transplant is challenging, but you have access to such wonderful support at the Mayo. Listen to them and let them help you, because it is so worth it!

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Hello @smokie, So glad to hear that the shingles is resolved. Thanks for Posting the update.

Has Greg started to receive his vaccinations as yet?

Hello @smokie - How is Greg doing from a tiredness perspective? Is that getting better?