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Hi everyone! No we are not yet back in Africa. The criteria for our return is for Mark, my husband, to have one year of clear PET scans after the completion of the most recent treatment. Though he was in complete remission one month after his CAR-T treatment, a lymphoma tumor popped up ON HIS LEG, of all places, about three months later. That was successfully radiated, but on the same PET scan that showed the success of eliminating THAT tumor, a NEW one appeared near his adrenal gland. He then started on pembrolizamab (Keytruda) to stimulate his "wimpy" T cells. The NEXT two scans showed that same stubborn tumor REMAINING in place. It was no larger and no new spots appeared, but, all things being equal we all wanted that thing GONE! It was determined that it too could be radiated, so that's what we are doing at the present moment. His is also continuing with the Keytruda. The knowledge that we cannot possibly return to Africa for a long time yet is sad. The outlook would be much more optimistic if we hadn't had so many birthdays before Mark was diagnosed. Then we could just persevere until we finally defeat this cancer once and for all! But the longer this goes on, the closer we are to the age when we really should retire anyway. We are trying to find a professional role we can do from the U.S., but as you see, we are still regularly engaged in medical appointments, so that narrows the range of possibilities. It helps when we reflect on the fact that these two years since his diagnosis are a "bonus". He was pretty sick by the time we arrived at Mayo and didn't look like he would be around much longer. But he's still alive and feels quite well. So, with all of the "bumps in the road" we still have much to be thankful for. Thanks for "listening". It's sort of therapeutic to spell it all out.

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Hi @raemark2010, It is good to get an update from you and Mark. It must be disappointing and frustrating that the lymphoma has re-appeared in a couple of places. Thankfully there are treatment options that appear to be working. Yes, writing can be therapeutic. You're a very good writer and I can see that you weigh the setbacks and blessings, and find the hope and gratitude where it lies ready for the plucking.

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