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Hi Greta! I'm Mark's wife. We've been traveling and only just saw your post. I hope your husband is doing better by now. For Mark the two-month ban on driving was almost worse than being in the hospital. : ) Now, looking back, he totally understands it and is glad he was restricted for a while. He says that even now he can tell he's not 100%. Things that used to be automatic when he drove, he has to think about them now. It's a long road but so much better than any other options! Hang in there and take care of yourself! Rae

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Thanks for thinking of us. I know Graydon will have a hard time with the driving— mostly because I am a really slow driver and it makes Graydon crazy 🙂 Graydon is on Day #23 post transfusion. While the CRS symptoms and neurotoxicity have subsided he continues to have trouble maintaining his blood levels. He has been getting blood and platelets the last several days. I have met some other patients and caregivers while on 73/74. I have urged them to join to join Mayo connect and read the advice that has been posted. It has been very helpful to me. I was jokingly telling another caregiver that we should make an “unofficial CAR T guide for caregivers” including some tips like the blueberry cheesecake and ‘recipes’ you can make from the nutrition area- such as coffee mocha (coffee, ice cream and hot chocolate) for those long days. Speaking of food, Graydon is getting his appetite back. If you or anyone reading this can suggest any foods/meals that were nourishing and tasty during this time, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Greta

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