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Ann, I find it interesting that your husband has been back to full-time work since the second week of July. My husband, also, just COULD NOT WAIT to get "back in the saddle". He'd actually been advised to take it easy for a few more weeks after we moved back to Iowa, but it just wasn't going to happen that way! I guess after being "imprisoned" by illness for a number of months, I shouldn't have been surprised that he was pretty desperate to have some normality.

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Dave was also advised to "take it easy". I knew he really wouldn't. We got home midweek the last week in June. He went to work for a few hours that weekend (he's a sales manager at a broadcasting company–five TV stations, including the ABC and CW affiliates), so he was alone in his office. Through the 4th of July he continued to go to work part-time, and by the second week in July he was full time. As we were at Mayo's for essentially two months for his immunotherapy, all he could think about is how much he'd need to do when he got back. He was checking his emails for at least the last two weeks we were in Rochester. It was more stressful for him for the very few days he was home to think about the work piling up that it was to go into work and do something about it. I wished I could have convinced him to stay home a while longer to recuperate, but then I got to thinking…if the situation were reversed, would I be resting, or would I be up running around the house cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, etc? myself. Or would he be doing it for me. LOL!! (BTW, I am 12 years older than he, so I've been retired for a couple of years).