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Depression and Anxiety at an older age

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I’m new here and I am 58 and being treated for severe anxiety and depression. I’m so scared to take my Clonozapam but I will take very little. I am a Christian and know that God is right here beside us. But knowing there are people my age going through this makes me feel less alone. I take Lexapro in the a.m. and Remeron at night. Clonozapam as needed.

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I'm new too. I have depression and anxiety problems, as wrl as serious arthritis in my knees back and bone spur in my shoulder. It's frustrating to know what medicine is the best. Today I'm feeling like I don't have much reason for living, not knowing what to do. I haven't done much. I'm trying to work up to taking a shower.

I have anxiety and depression too. I take Xanax when I am in full swing. I am 53and have had this for along time.God has always been there for me. He gets all the credit.😉

@mimi3blessings: I'm 87 yrs old, female, and have been taking Clonozapam for yrs. now. I usually take 1 pill, 0.5mg in the evening and have had no problems. If I'm very stressed ,I take 2 and it quiets my anxieties. I wouldn't be scared to take this med. if I were you unless you are prone to becoming addicted. I assume your doctor prescribed it and it works with your other meds. See if it helps. I'm new here too and trying to get familiar with things.

I’m new here also I’m 82 and have depression and anxiety most of my life it was worsewhen I worked but still not good I’m taking lexapro and .05 ml. Of Clonazepam it helps it never really goes away

@mimi3blessings Hi, I am 68 and I am on Lexapro, Lamictal, and Clonozapam. I am a Christian too and need to pray more. There's so many to pray for and I will pray for you. As I read through the messages I find that no one is on Lamictal. It is used for sesures (SP) but it is also a mood elevator. Don't be scared of taking Clonozapam. I was taking three a day, but just take one or two at bedtime.
I had a 9 hour back fusion surgery and now recovering, It has been a little over one month. I had hardly no depression and some anxiety before the surgery, but now I do have depression. I had to give up my 14 year old very healthy dog. She was having anxiety from the pain I was having and I wasn't able to take care of her now. I wear a brace. I can't bend, twist or lift anything too heavy.
I really miss my dog, but she's at a good place, where we always boarded her and they wanted her telling me, "Can we have Lily,? We love Lily." They send me pictures.I had a tough surgery so I get very tired and sleep in the morning.
Have you thought about getting a dog or cat. They can really bring happiness. I do puzzles on my computer. Hope this helps. I know it's not easy. My son is Bipolar 1, we have mental illness in our family. My mom chose to die at 68. We have no contact with our son, but part of it is his wife is very controlling. They have an 8 year old daughter. I haven't since she was 3, but have skyped with her when shes at her grandmothers in Chicago. My son and his wife are professors, but my son can't teach because of his illness. They live in NYC now, but was at Duke University before. I have written enough, I think all of us have something to be sad about. Prays sent your way.