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I am afraid your options are limited. I also am allergic to Bone Cement and the 1st 2 TKR's on my L leg failed because of the allergy., # 3 also failed but the reason for the failure of #3 is not known (at least to me). #4 has been in place for 3+ yrs and when it was put in place the doc had to trim a lot of bone from my femur and shin so now my leg is almost 4" shorter than the other mandating I use a walker or wheelchair everywhere I go. When #4 fails my only option will be an above-the-knee amputation. Can't tell you what a huge life style change this has been & will be. If I had known the trouble I would have, I would have learned to live with my bad knee. I have Neurpoathy in both legs and the symptom in my case has been severe pain in my lower legs. Luckily, the neuropathy has made my legs numb so I haven't had any TKR pain but the Neuropathy has more than made up for it. I know you don't need another sob story and were only looking for help with your sad situation. I wish there was something I could say to make life better for you, but all anyone can say is to tell you to take life 1 day at a time and try to make the best of things. . God Bless and Merry Christmas..

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I have a severe allergy to cobalt which is in stainless steel and also a severe allergy to bone cement. Dr. Mark Tuttle in Denver Colorado does many revisions to failed surgeries involving knee replacement. He obtained a custom knee for me that did not contain cobalt or nickel. It was basically a titanium knee with another component that I don’t recall. It was cementless. I suggest that you contact as many doctors as is necessary to find the product and procedure that will work for you. I think that mine is what you would call a press in joint replacement. It is absolutely stable and the bone grows into the surface of the implant.