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I too have a failed TKR from Aug.2019. I never knew that doing allergy testing “was a thing” that was available. Went full steam ahead with my surgery and realized fairly early in during rehab something was wrong! Well 13 mos post op and after seeing 5 other doctors, and a doctor who i went to see for torn rotator cuff, sent me to the last doctor, who in turn sent me for allergy testing.
Results showed I am allergic to bone cement, as well as antibiotic neomycin sulfate! Needless to say I am DEVASTATED. I need a revision, he said I need to do cement less , with no guarantee it will become stable. Someone suggested a press fit, but need to talked to knee doc about this….but you mention a polymer knee, What exactly is that and have you gone ahead with this ?
All of this must wait now, as I’m scheduled for rotator cuff surgery Jan 12, 2021. ALSO IF ANYONE HAS INFO TO SHARE RE ROTATOR SURGERY FEEL FREE TO SHARE WITH ME YOUR EXPERIENCE. Thanks, Irish283

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I also am allergic to antibiotic sulfates. The reaction I get is a migraine headache which will dissipate in about a half a day once internal antibiotics are discontinued. I learned the hard way as Bactrim was used after a surgery and I thought my headache was a result of the anesthesia not the anti-biotic being pumped into the IV. After hospital release and removal of IV, I was given Bactrim pills and told to take every 4 hours and wham within 10 minutes the migraine would return so I was able to figure out the cause.
As mentioned I am baffled that surgeon's and Medicare don't require allergy testing before foreign matter is inserted into our bodies. The reasons the tests are developed is because allergies exist.

I would advise waiting if at all possible till Covid 19 is under control. Too risky