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@gardeningjunkie It does sound like there are options when and if you decide to have the TKR. For now though if you are not in a lot of pain it sounds manageable. Keep exercising it as much as you can, I saw tremendous improvement when I did. Also, it really is best to not wait until you are in unbearable pain, rehab is more difficult then. I was in horrible pain before I finally chose to have my first TKR. I definitely wish I had not waited for so long.

Your garden kneeling bench sounds interesting so I checked Amazon. Is it the one made by TomCare? I do not garden, I really do not like being outside where there are bugs (shudder) but I could use for it in the house too.

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Oh my, looking up the exact name of the benches I bought, I have 2, I was shocked at the price increase!
Mine are the"Step 2 Kneeler Seat in Vertex Green" and it is now $107.00 on Amazon.
I bought my first one in 2016 as my previous garden bench by another company failed, yet I had that one for 10 years. I felt the Step 2 Kneeler was sturdier. I abuse this bench throwing here and there to the next spot or down a hill. I like it so much I bought another for a vacation house, yet I am not sure I would pay $107.00. In my mind remember I didn't pay more than $70.00. !
I treat my clothing in the Midwest for biting insects and both my properties have scorpions, but it's worth it to me to get outside.
Good to know your TKR is helping you.

I am sorry but I gave you the wrong name of my bench. The Step 2 Garden Kneeler looks similar, but 2 tone and it is not what I bought and have. It doesn't have the greatest reviews as many say it doesn't support a heavy person, but the price, around $30.00 is great and available at many sources on line.
The " Premium Quality Garden Kneeler Bench", it is a solid green color and is the one I bought with the new price tag of $107 on Amazon. Yikes!
Still for indoor use and since I am not a heavy person I may consider buy the $30.00 Step 2 for inside use. I won't be tossing this around.