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@JustinMcClanahan to answer your question, original surgeon did suggest a coated knee to ensure no metal allergy issues. But then when he saw my bone cement allergy scores as 'Reactive' he referred me to surgeon who did cement-less knee. That 2nd surgeon sent me for an MRI for a custom built 'Biomet Vanguard Knee Replacement' which is cement-less. But then he did say there were metals in it, so suggested I hold off until I was too miserable before going for it, because he said if you do have allergy, there will be nothing I can do after the fact.

I asked does anyone make a 'coated cement-less knee' and he was not aware of one. I also asked someone in the medical supply field and they didn't have any info of that either. Do you think that is even an option? I joke and say I guess I'll have to wait until they come up with a ceramic joint.

Given your findings above, do you think my mild reaction to metal would warrant not even worrying about it?

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I can certainly understand the concern. No one prefers surgery, and to go in with such a big question mark only makes things even more stressful. Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question about whether or not you should worry about it because I am not a medical professional and would feel horrible if I swayed your decision in any way. The evidence suggests that it is murky at best, which I imagine only makes things more grey for you. I didn't have an allergy to metal and I was also told hold off as long as you can. The pain and deformity of my knee got so bad that I woke up one day and just knew I couldn't take it anymore. Personally, on that day when things were finally so bad, I probably would have optioned to have the leg removed if given the choice.

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