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Bone on bone thumbs

Bones, Joints & Muscles | Last Active: Jun 13, 2020 | Replies (101)

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@parrotqueen I was just thinking of you hands aren't to bad but I only take 2 Boron maybe I'll.up it to 3.a day you get your Dexa Scan.yet? I'm ignoring my rheumatologist . How s Chester doing without his buddy 😊 and you?

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Lioness! We are having a surge in COVID 19 cases in Oakland. My infectious disease doctor called me and told me to stay home – she said I can get a DEXA scan when things quiet down. I'm chomping at the bit to find out if I've made progress – but I take comfort in the fact that I've stopped fracturing. Chester and I are getting along. He's been a little bit down the past three days. I think it is hard for him to realize The Baby isn't coming home. Also, he has very bad arthritis in his feet. Regarding boron, I find I do better with four capsules daily. My knees were still bothering me a bit – my poor body is full of arthritis. So I increased to four 3 mg capsules of boron per day. That dose is my sweet spot – I have no arthritis pain if I stay at that dose. It is such a wonderful thing to be relieved of the arthritis pain! It was so bad, sometimes I would cry at night. My poor mother and her sister had it so bad – their hands were so swollen and misshapen. I am very grateful for boron.

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