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Bone on bone thumbs

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Hello – can I ask what kind of brain surgery you had?

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I had a pituitary tumor. They worked on it at UCSF in 2010 and thought
they got it, but the sucker grew back. So last year they took it out
again, and they told me they didn't think it would come back. They went
through my nose to get it – so no head shaving. I knew I had that tumor in
1986, but as you may know, doctors don't like it when you tell them you
have something – it has to be their idea. All the muscles wasted out of my
body and I couldn't walk or breathe without assistance. They said I had
Myasthenia Gravis and I had to go off work. I languished another eight
years until someone finally saw (on MRI) that I had a pituitary tumor. The
pituitary tumor caused me to have all the above problems and several other
problems – thyroid, adrenal, and human growth hormone deficiencies. So now
I am living my bonus life. But the pain in my thumbs has to go. Like you,
I also have overuse of my hands. In addition to prescription pain meds, I
take Botswelia serrata, boron, devil's claw, turmeric and CBD for arthritis
pain. It takes all that to help me feel my best – sometimes I feel like
I'm in my 30s!

After having your thumbs done, are your hands feeling significantly
better? You did say it was worth doing.

Ugh, sweat pants.

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