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Bone on bone thumbs

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@lioness What exactly does arnica do? A friend recommended T-gel or cream and I think it has arnica in it. Despite it being topical I am apprehensive about using it, it could get into your bloodstream. If I think it really could help my hip I would ask my transplant team if I can use it.

One of the doctors recommended vitamin D and calcium. The transplant nurse said that was fine. I am thinking that since I am now lactose intolerant I probably do need a calcium supplement. I really hope to avoid the medications for bone strength, they all seem problematic.

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@contentandwell Arnica cream of gel is a pain reliever it is a cream you rub on. I get relief from it . There is Arnica for brusies also so read the label . I use the Arnica tea also it is for pain you drink I haven't had any problems with it but check with you team about this . The rub wont get into you blood stream just you muscles. I found a ice pack for your hip it fits in a wrap around . Its in a catalog like Carol Wright or Dr. Leanord I forget which. I think this would be good for you . Instead of laying on the ice you could move around with it.

Arnica cream did not give me the relief I needed. Try diclofenac sodium cream. That gives some decent relief. You could use the arnica in between using the diclofenac if you want. The doctor has to prescribe diclofenac.

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