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Bone on bone thumbs

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Any further feedback re the operation? About to have second steroid injection which I’ve put off having for a month or so. Specialist still recommending op as thumb is becoming quite disfigured and now at a funny angle. Although pain isn’t really a problem (more just an ache in the cold weather), the problem still remains with grabbing onto things, releasing and twisting jar lids etc. I’ve been assured by the Specialist the rehab isn’t so bad either – 2 weeks in a thumb brace so as to stop movement and allow proper healing, then 6 weeks in a small thumb brace (similar to what I wear now occasionally at night or when I have pain). I’m thinking now that surgery may be the best thing but still procrastinating as to when that might be.

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@hensyy Left thumb was injected with hylaronic acid back in 2011 it's just now starting to hurt.

@hensy, Good afternoon. I noticed that you are considering "thumb" surgery. I let the pain in my thumb get so bad that my shoulder surgeon (during a follow-up visit), grabbed my hand and took me to the "Hand floor" and introduced me to the surgeon there.

The following week I had what is called "Anchovy" surgery. It is specifically designed for bone on bone arthritic thumbs. It worked beautifully. I came home the same day and was playing mahjongg that week.

Unlike some of my other surgical experiences, my thumb is totally pain-free. I did wonder why my left thumb was bone on bone and yet my right thumb showed no evidence of arthritic involvement.

Here is the reason…..often our opposing thumb suffers the most because we use it more for steadying and supporting our daily activities. Hope you can have a similar experience. May you have joy today. Chris